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Being present, to document in photographs, during the preparation for and for the finish of this event, it is delightful to see the hesitancy of each person disappear...more and more, with each dive onto the paint covered surface. As their glee grows, smiles widen, slide increases across the paper canvas, the freedom to just be a kid and get messy is brought into their reality.

THIS is the gift that Steve Olson instigated. While numerous others, Shreveport Regional Arts Council and Artspace employees, helped to make this part of his project vision happen, he is the force behind "Kids Breaking Rules! with Steve Olson".

As part of his Artist Residency in Shreveport, Louisiana, Steve is creating three events. This is one. The body painted canvases from this day will also be hanging for the next event "Skateboarders are Artists, Too". Nine other Skateboard artists are coming to Shreveport to create a one of a kind show with their art! Steve Olson has also been making hearts for this show. Hearts, carved from wood, sanded, wrapped, mounted, framed!

So much more fun still ahead!!

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