Blair Thrall(non-registered)
Fabulous, l do so love your work! Thank you!
Gary Buchanan(non-registered)
Really, Really cool! Am very proud to be included in such illustrious company! Thank You!
jenean c gilstrap(non-registered)
fabulous website for your fabulous work! thanks so much for sharing with all of us!
Ned Rollo(non-registered)
Well, lit' sister, I am resoundingly proud of you ... your images capture past moments and bring them forward into the Now. That is a great gift ... magic of a unique sort. Clearly you've made supreme use of the new lens. That delights me!!

Love and more, ned

(PS: don't abandon black-and-white and shoot some grave yards ... they were the best places to have sex in the '50! Quit, private, and supreme under full moons. In a fog the stones do a slow dance!!)
Scott Beck(non-registered)
Love the work you do ... a real gift to everyone who loves music and a great gift for the musicians you photograph ... I should have you do a photo shoot for me sometime.
Susan Duke(non-registered)
M. C.
Your work is SO beautiful! I love the way that you enhance the images -- the colors and gradations are fantastic-- world class photography!
Lisa Gimber(non-registered)
Thanks for showing your beautiful work!!
Penne Mobley(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful. WOW! Great web site too.
Ernie McDaniel(non-registered)
Hi Mary Catherine. Ernie McDaniel here. Enjoyed seeing you the other day. Checked out your website. GREAT work!

Wish I could do digital manipulation the way you can. My fingers on the iPad using iPhoto is as far as I've gotten. I've owned PhotoShop for more than 10 years and still haven't learned it. Too little time, too little patience.

Like I said, you're doing great work. Your style reminds me of a black and white print I did years ago. Find it here, if you care to check it out:

Take care, Mary Catherine. Again, good to see you!

Bill Laird
"WOW" You didn't just wiggle your toes, you jumped in with both feet. Your ability to create the artistic shots and your use of Lightroom is fantastic.
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