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The UNVeiling of Steve Olson's one-of-a-kind Skateboard Sculpture brought many people, some with their families, friends, others with just their skateboards out into the fresh air and Louisiana sunshine to be a part of this day.

There are many more images to add to this Gallery! This was a perfect day for this "UNSCENE! Featuring Steve Olson" event. The culmination of Steve and his Artist Residency Team's work over the last 6 weeks was the Sculpture itself, the graffiti paintings on the surrounding walls of the asphalt pad the sculpture sit on and a tent for the photographer's work to be displayed with large hanging prints and a TV playing a slide show with images of the build and assembly of this amazing art.

Bands played on a nearby stage. There were additional tents and tables for artists to market/sell their uniques works. There were Hula Hoopers, with lighted and sometimes on fire hula hoops and a Fire-eater allowing close up inspection as the the daylight shifted to dusk and night.

Once the UNveiling occurred...! What FUN! The environment was alive with an energy of respect, joy, challenge, family, friends, appreciation and patience. Each skateboarder had an awareness of the little ones and the timid skateboarders allowing each person the time and space to experience their contact with this art and it's functionality.

It was a beautiful day and evening...
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