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On Thursday nights at the Noble Savage Tavern in Shreveport, Louisiana...magic happens. Musicians filter in. Some are there every week for the Dirty Redd Blues Jam. Some are the unknown elements of the night... All images are under copyright of M.C. Rollo. The large ghosted C/copyright symbol is to deter screen copying. If a print or image use is purchased, it is not on the image. Please honor my skill, time and work. Thank you!
Noble Savage 10-1-2015-005Noble Savage 10-1-2015-006Noble Savage 10-1-2015-008Noble Savage 10-1-2015-007Noble Savage 10-1-2015-009Noble Savage 10-1-2015-010Noble Savage 10-1-2015-011Noble Savage 10-1-2015-013Noble Savage 10-1-2015-014Noble Savage 10-1-2015-015Noble Savage 10-1-2015-021Noble Savage 10-1-2015-025Noble Savage 10-1-2015-031Noble Savage 10-1-2015-032Noble Savage 10-1-2015-033Noble Savage 10-1-2015-034Noble Savage 10-1-2015-037Noble Savage 10-1-2015-038Noble Savage 10-1-2015-042Noble Savage 10-1-2015-043

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