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As part of a series of events created by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) called "UNSCENE!", a specific artist or group of artists were brought in to do an "Artist Residency" for 6 weeks. During this time they would create, with the assistance of local artists commissioned to be on their artist team, several events open to the public. Uplift New Orleans was brought in to create the "Calanthean Canyon", a musical village! They took a lot just off the main area of downtown Shreveport and removed all the trash/junk/debris (and there was a full lot of it!) then, using reclaimed items and lumber, created buildings and an environment inside a room of the Calanthean Temple, where sounds could be created by "playing the buildings and objects". They even created an area that was an elevated second story walkway with places of music creation...including one with plants that were hooked up to an amplifier and you could hear the "music" modulations being sung by the plants!
This space has been used, during its' 10 month life, to be the venue for multiple performing artists/groups/bands, both local and national.
Part of what SRAC and the 12 UNSCENE! artist residencies brought to anyone in attendance were totally unique and heartfelt offerings of creative expression that were free to the public.
This is art that keeps on giving...
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