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There will be several Galleries under the heading "Steve Olson, in process...". Steve is working on three events.

I am one of his Artist Residency Team and hope to offer increasing depth to the work that he and those he has drawn into his process are doing.

Steve is working on two projects in the fluidly divided space (with each area and every surface changing function many times!) in the Artspace shop area. This Gallery shows the initial models (image #3, an idea Steve had 10 years ago!) and the built to scale model (image #4) of the Skateboard sculpture being built (with 5 planks of 3" oak that are 13' to 17' long, weighing 300 to 400 pounds each), as one project.

Steve is also creating art to hang in a group show and event where he is bringing 9 other Skateboard artists to town with their arts. It is called "Skateboarders are Artists, Too".

So, you will see in other Galleries, a mix of images showing how the space is being used and what Steve's process is as he goes from one project to the other, to the other, to the other...and back again!

What is Steve making for this show? Hearts!...cut, sanded, wrapped in recovered materials, mounted and framed!!

And the first public event of the three is: "Breaking the Rules! with Steve Olson" taking place in the "Funspace" area of the Artspace building.

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