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Welcome! The copyrighted images you are viewing are not necessarily what the 'finished' image will look like. These are not for "use". These are for viewing to assist communication for the "finished" product image that will serve your needs well.

You may notice that in a few, there are no leaves in the pool, no wet marks on the cement and the bushes have been trimmed or filled in. Where as others have many leaves in the pool and you can see vehicles through the bushes, etc.! I retouched the leaves in a few so you could see the results. Some images are 'warmer'(more yellow) while others are 'cooler' (more blue). This was also so you could see the difference, as well as, the light/clouds were changing which altered the color as we were doing the photography. This can be changed to what you prefer...or I will match them to go together when you indicate the ones you like and you will not need to be concerned about choosing one color cast over the other.

If you have any questions, please ask! An easy way to communicate is via the "Add comment" selection at the bottom of each image.

All images are under the exclusive copyright of Mary Catherine Rollo and are not to be reproduced, copied or used without a prior agreement.

Thank you! ~ Mary Catherine

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