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This is a growing series of photographs of 3 musicians/songwriters that allowed me into the life of their group. "Airheart" is a fitting name for the sounds and harmonies of this group. Airheart is made up up Dan Garner, Amelia Blake Garner and Paula O'Neal.

"What It Takes" is my project that allows insight into their work ~ every aspect of the hours, minutes, focus, fun, performing, planning, practice, recording, editing/mixing, fatigue, packing up/breaking down/loading up for gigs and creating CDs that is necessary for Airheart to do what they do so well.

These photographs are just the beginning, with much more to add. The venues span fitting into a 4 foot by 7 foot space for all 3 of them to perform in at donut shop for a radio program to a brand new studio for Public Radio as the initial performers; private parties; public stages for festivals and invitational performances...and more.

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Dan Garner-20Dan Garner-24Dan Garner-28Amelia w- headphones-36Paula w- headphones-41Dan Garner-44-2Amelia Blake stretching-46Amelia Blake-52-2Paula O'Neal-69Paula's shoes-71Dan Garner-75Airheart sitting working on song-76Dan at board smiling-99Paula O'Neal-10Amelia Blake's earring and curl-15Dan Garner-20-2Amelia Blake-22Amelia Blake-28board w- hands-30Airheart on floor 2-59

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