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These are also images that were taken during 2012 and 2013 from various performance venues in several cities in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Part of what I do is intended to help hardworking musicians.

Thanks for all the tunes...!
Emerald Marie-Maria Williamson blkVDavid Dooley-34David Dooley's hands penciled frmd darker--2Joe Ramer--4 frmd VvJeff Toms--6Jeff Toms--7frmd VvMusicians' Showcase, March 20, 2013-7124-1Shane Kamicausey aka LummoxMusicians' Showcase, April 10, 2013-8177-1Musicians' Showcase, April 3, 2013-7724-1Big Bill Morganfield-54Will Cook-5863Will Cook-1-6Will Cook B&WVagabond Swing at Stir, March 17, 2013-5-1Vagabond Swing at Stir, March 17, 2013-12-Edit-1-2Guitars two-1Vagabond Swing at Stir, March 17, 2013-39-1-5Russell Brabhan-

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