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In order to fund their next CD project, Airheart turned to "Kickstarter" online. With the campaign being successful, this photographic album allows you in to see the fulfillment and follow through with coffee mugs, t-shirts, autographed 8x10s, CDs and thank you notes!, to honor each and every person that contributed to this new CD.

"What It Takes" is my project that allows insight into their work ~ every aspect of the hours, minutes, focus, fun, performing, planning, practice, recording, editing/mixing, fatigue, packing up/breaking down/loading up for gigs and creating CDs that is necessary for Airheart to do what they do so well.

"Airheart" is a fitting name for the sounds and harmonies of this group. Airheart is made up up Dan Garner, Amelia Blake Garner and Paula O'Neal.

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