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Hwy Lions sound check S'port House Concert  11-23-14-285-Edit-Edit-1-2Barbara Jarrell at Noble Savage August 6 2014-029Conducting Debut of Brian Flanagan 9-19-2015-012Dirtfoot and Engine at Zoodoo's, July 12, 2013-5166-1Dirtfoot with Mike Dillion Band at Bears 6-13-14-258-1-2Dragstrip Phantoms at Strange Brew April 25 2015-158HWY LIONS at Foxtrot Studios July 21 2014-004-1Hwy Lions at Strange Brew June 21 2015-062Hwy Lions at Strange Brew June 21 2015-501-314-315Hwy Lions at Strange Brew Sept 5 2015-7197-2Hwy Lions at Strange Brew Sept 5 2015-7197Hwy Lions at Strange Brew Sept 5 2015-7319-2Hwy Lions Optical Illusion October 25 2014-040-Edit-Edit-1Jeff Toms Dan Garner Songwriter Night Noble Savage 1-21-2015-038-157-158-1Jerry Beach Monday Blues Jam at Lee's July 7 2014-163Lions May Cry at Brass Monkey April 3 2015-072-1Louisiana Hayride, May 9 2014-99-2-1Louisiana Hayride, May 9 2014-107-2-35Louisiana Hayride, May 9 2014-260-1Louisiana Hayride, May 9 2014-272-Edit-1-3

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