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Hi, y'all! You may notice that when you open a single image, it has "Todd Heard - Rella..." in the title. Todd was the person that hired me to photograph the band he was in that night so for my filing purposes all 3 bands are filed that way.

Rella band members! I hope you like these. IF you would like a digital download for social media use from this gallery, it is $35. FYI - I worked between 8 - 10 hours in post processing and posting these. It is my profession. When these are downloaded, they do not have the large ghosted copyright watermark on them. That is a website deterrent to screen copying.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You can email me via the website OR click on the small "comment" under the image when it is full size and the website will send your comment to me!

You guys are awesome!!! I wish you all success!!!
~ M.C. Rollo

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