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Hi y'all!

A little about this Gallery...a few of the images are duplicates shown with a little different "finish" and/or cropping to them. All of the post finishing effects were on purpose. I mention that so you know there is flexibility with how most of them look. If you like one, but, it seems too dark or too light, or the watermark is in the way or it seems like the copyright titles with HWY LIONS or Foxtrot Studios is too big, etc., just let me know. I can change those things to varying degrees.

The BIG watermark is intended to prevent the copying of an image if a "use right" has not been purchased/contracted. I have spent a lot of hours on these.

When your project can go public, let me know if you want to use something on social media - Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I may need to move the copyright info so it doesn't get cropped off. I would appreciate the credit for the work.

If you have a question, just ask! There are comment options below each image frame and you can leave notes to each other about the image, too.

It was great to work with each of you! You guys are exceptional!! I wish you ALL success!

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