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Welcome to the two Krewe of Highland Ball galleries! There are a lot of images here that reflect the zeal of the night. If you have a few minutes, instead of clicking through each one, you might consider clicking on "slide show", sit back and watch.

If you would like to order a print, once you click on "buy" just above the image, I suggest you look first at the "Best fit" selection. This will show you what the proportions of your selection is best suited for (cropping). If one of the other sizes works better for you, I will recrop the image for you before it is printed.

The paper choices and descriptions are also shown once you choose a size. The large, ghosted copyright symbol will not be on your print.

If you have any questions, please, e-mail me. Thank you, again! ~ M.C.

Krewe of Highland Ball Feb 13 2015

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Krewe of Highland Ball gallery 2

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Krewe of Highland Ball gallery 2