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Dale Ellis(non-registered)
MC, I've always known you do incredible work but it's hard to comprehend just how incredible until browsing through your website. Amazing photographs. You keep setting the standard and I'll just follow along.
Alicia Boykin Brown(non-registered)
MC, Truly admire your lovely work and have enjoyed my visit. Keep up the wonderful documentation of our local artists as well as your showcase of art and hope to see more of it in the future. You are truly inspiring.
Charlotte Fowler(non-registered)
MaC I am SO TOTALLY impressed with the scope of your work. It's a long way from our SVA days; riding around in your Volkswagen! Do you remember having a safety pin that moved around on the silver metal horn mechanism? You didn't have a radio & you said that safety pin moving around when you'd turn the steering wheel was your "only source of sound" in your car! Your radio must've gotten fixed because we were listening to KEEL, the ONLY station any of us listened to. We went to Pizza King, on Kings Hwy. across the street from George's Grill& got pizza & a carton of beer. They served beer in milk carton like containers. Anyway, your boyfriend, at the time, was {I THINK I have this correctly} Howard Jeff Walker. We took him some pizza & beer at work one night. Later he was ON THE AIR & said, "This is Howard Jeff Walker, TYING ONE ON, on KEEL radio!" We CRACKED UP & you almost wrecked your little VW! I think it was yellow & you named it "Valiant", that was sort of code for Valium which was also small, yellow, & round!
Loveand miss you my friendYou were like my big sister. I'll never forget you! Of EVERYONE who attended, I was MOST touched that you attended my Holy Union☺
Dale Alsandor(non-registered)
MC, I enjoy viewing your photographic art. I also look forward to exchanging a few pleasantries with you when we happen to be at the same event or establishment.

Big Hug and Kiss for you,

Elizabeth Richardson(non-registered)
Great website and the pictures were awesome!!!!
Theresa Harper(non-registered)
THE SHOP.....a very neat looking establishment.....
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